Cerro Chucantí is an isolated massif in eastern Panama that rises from sea level to 1439 meters in elevation and sustains a diverse cloudforest as well as other tropical forest ecosystems. The geographic isolation of the Cerro Chucantí mountaintop has allowed its fauna and flora to differentiate considerably, such that it contains a number of locally endemic rainforest species and subspecies found nowhere else on Earth.

Unfortunately, unsustainable land uses are threatening the pristine rainforests around Cerro Chucanti.
Forest loss and degradation at Cerro Chucantí threaten not only the endemic wildlife species in the region but also the forested watershed, which supplies a year-round supply of clean drinking water to nearby villages.

As we speak hundreds of century-old trees are been cut and the forest burnt to the ground.
On every visit to Chucanti, we noticed that more and more of this pristine and unique forest were being destroyed. That is why we decided to Adopt it as our own !

Cerro Chucanti

Amazing cloudforest