Our Mission

“ADOPTA aims to promote the conservation of forest ecosystems for the benefit of Panamanian people and wildlife”

Our Story

ADOPTA’s story began with a single birder: Guido Berguido. In the early 2000’s, Guido wanted to visit the cloud forest habitat in the highlands of Panama’s Darién region, near the border of Colombia, to find lifers — birds he had not seen yet. At the time, however, it was a dangerous area because guerilla fighters often crossed the Colombian border to hide in the highlands. Read More….

What We Do

Environmental Education

For there to be dedicated conservationists, there must be people who understand the environment


The basis of our conservation efforts must be our biological knowledge


An immediate and desperate way to conserve our critically endangered ecosystems through the creation of private reserves

Current Projects

Protecting Cerro Chucantí

This isolated mountain on the edge of Panamá’s Darién province contains a wide variety of unique and endemic species ‒ many of which reside in the rare cloud forest habitat found near it’s peak ‒ yet it is threatened by deforestation for agriculture and logging. Read More…

Describing New Species

To date, 10 species new to science have been named from Cerro Chucantí, with many more still awaiting formal description. We are currently fundraising to help expedite the naming of these species. Read More…

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