As the location that inspired the creation of ADOPTA, Cerro Chucantí is a special place for our organization. Chucantí is an isolated massif of the western edge of Panamá’s Darién province that rises from sea level to 1439 meters in elevation. It contains a diverse cloudforest ecosystem and other tropical forest ecosystems which, combined with the geographic isolation of the mountain, has allowed its fauna and flora to differentiate considerably. As a result, Cerro Chucantí contains a number of locally endemic rainforest species and subspecies found nowhere else on Earth, some of which have estimated total ranges as small as 4 square kilometers.

Cerro Chucantí lies in a key biological transition zone between two global Biodiversity Hotspots, the Mesoamerican Hotspot and the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena Hotspot, as defined by Conservation International. It has been designated an Important Bird Area by the Panama Audubon Society and is rated as a High-Priority Endemic Bird Area of the World (EBA 024: Darien Highlands) by Birdlife International.


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