Focal Species

Many of the species present in the Chucantí Private Reserve are considered vulnerable to critically endangered by the IUCN redlist, and yet others are phenotypically unique. These species are equally as important as the new species that have been described from the area, and we are proud to be protecting such a vital habitat.

Colombian Black Spider Monkey, Ateles fusiceps nigriventris

This monkey is listed as critically endangered by IUCN. Although common in Cerro Chucantí, the overall population has declined an estimated 80% over the past 45 years — mainly due to deforestation and hunting pressures.

Varied Solitaire, Myadestes coloratus

This bird, endemic to eastern Panamá, was only known from the highlands near the border of Colombia before a new population was discovered in Cerro Chucantí. The two populations differ genetically by 1.7%.

Russet-crowned Quail Dove, Geotrygon goldmani

An endemic race of this bird is found in Cerro Chucantí.

Beautiful Treerunner, Margarornis bellulus

A new population of this bird has been discovered in Cerro Chucantí, the only known population west of the Darien highlands near the Colombian border.