Land Purchases

Location ChucantiThe forests of Cerro Chucantí are under severe threat from non-traditional deforestation for logging and creating cattle pastures.
Forest loss and degradation at Cerro Chucantí threaten not only the endemic wildlife species in the region but also the forested watershed, which supplies a year-round supply of clean drinking water to nearby villages.

As we speak hundreds of century-old trees are been cut and the forest burnt to the ground.

On each of our initial visits to Chucanti, we noticed that more and more of this pristine and unique forest was destroyed.
We have decided to do something urgent to stop this carnage, and have purchased over a thousand acres from local farmers that would otherwise sell their lands to loggers and cattle ranchers.



Here you will see some properties that have been purchased as well as others that are available ..Chucanti_Predios

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