The mythical cloudforest of Cerro Chucanti harbors an incredible array of rare species of flora and fauna, some of which are not found Anywhere else on Earth !

From the very first scientific  expedition to Cerro Chucanti in March of 2004 by Smithsonian biologists Rafael Aizprua, assisted by Guido Berguido; the uniqueness of the Chucanti flora was evident.

Later, botanist Alicia Ibañez and Rodolfo Flores returned to the Chucanti Private Reserve on a couple of occasions to further study it’s  exceptional flora; resulting in various New plant records for the Republic of Panama and a few undetermined species.

Panamanian botanist Rodolfo Flores, through grants from the Smithsonian Institution and the Missouri Botanical Garden has been Instrumental in the description /publication of a couple of New plant Species to Science !

A new Heliconia sp. nov (Inedit.) from Cerro Chucanti is currently being described by Rodolfo Flores and Carla Black.